Flavours of the sea

Tuna, anchovies, botargo. Then, the famous anchovies straining. From the sea, the best products preserved in olive oil or extra-virgin olive oil.
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It's the symbol of Cilento and the best seasoning in Mediterranean Diet: from the high-quality extra-virgin olive oil to the biological agriculture line.
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Legumes and spices

Legumes, cereals, dried vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices. Sole savours and severely "made in Cilento".
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Salami and sausages manufactured by the tradition to guarantee high-quality, authenticity and above all goodness.
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The classical Italian dish: pasta. Long or short, our pasta are all bronze-drawn.
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High-quality fresh or seasoning cheese but, above all, the protected slow food of "goat cacioricotta" and "Provolone del Monaco DOP".
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Dry breads

Little crusts of bread and flat dough-cakes: two of oven products that pair with any kind of dish. Many different versions for all tastes.
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In olive oil products

In extra-virgin olive-oil exquisite foods to be tasted as hors d’oeuvre, as fancy vegetables or for delicious aperitifs.
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Confectionary specialities

The high-quality “white fig” of Cilento is the protagonist: sole delicacies that distinguish our soil.
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Wine and sparkling

The high-quality grapes of Campania give birth every year to high-quality wines for good judges: Falanghina, Fiano of Avellino, Aglianico, Greco of Tufo.
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Limoncello, grappa and delicious liqueur: a pleasant break with a strong taste.
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Preserved and sauces

Ready-made preserves, tomato sauces, tomato extract and creams: cooking by tradition. Ideal seasoning to our pasta.
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